Packing tape - adhesive tape

We offer a wide range of packing tape or adhesive tape to close boxes, packs and similar items.
Packing tape can be produced in many qualities like: solvent polypropylene, acrylic polypropylene, hotmelt, pvc and adhesive paper. Adhesive tape is available in a wide range of measures and colors.
Packing tape: custom printed or plain packing tape.
Big stock of adhesive doubled sided packing tape, masking tape, duct tape, reflecting adhesive tape and many other types.
We also custom print the packing tape in different qualities: solvent polypropylene, acrylic polypropylene, hot melt, pvc and adhesive paper.
The standard production widths are 12, 19, 25,30,38,48 and 75mm. Ask for custom widths quotation!