Stretch Film - Stretch Wrap

Our Stretch film – Stretch Wrap is one of the leading products in high end stretch films. Stretch film is the perfect way to wrap a pallet or some boxes and packs altogether. It is a multilayer film made by Cast film coextrusion with many widths, measures and pre-stretches available.

Thickness from 7 to 85 µ microns
Width from 50 mm. to 2500 mm.
Pre-stretch from 150% to 330%
High resistance to breaking and impacts.
Clear, colored or printed.
Sliding on external face
Double adhesive stretch film
Anti UVI
VCI Film (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Film)

We add the most modern technologies in the production process of stretch film, therefore guaranteeing a high quality level optimizing the cost,davidyorkstaxservice.com.
We are specialists in high endurance stretch films and we use the best raw materials that certify our constant quality. Our products are 100% recyclable.

Our stretch film carries all the advantages of the standard stretch film adding more resistance and elongation.