VCI Stretch Film - VCI kraft paper

VCI means volatile corrosion inhibitors, these compounds are vaporized on the film or paper and are attracted to metal surfaces depending on their polarity.
VCI molecules create a layer that avoids corrosion.
Anti-corrosion packaging is normally used in automotive industry, during the export process of pieces and cars for long distances (often by ship), during the storage spare parts and any kind of metallic part are sensitive to corrosion, other use is machine installation.
VCI can be added to packaging products such as plastic, low density PE in bags, in sheet or in stretch film rolls or paper.

We supply three VCI anti-corrosion methods:

Stretch Film anti-corrosion with VCI
Low density polyethylene anti-corrosion with VCI
Kraft paper anti-corrosion with VCI

VCI saves time and it is very easy to apply as it does not need any adhesive or glue, products can be used immediately after being unpacked and it is not necessary to clean the pieces.
It offers excellent protection with very low costs and all materials can be recycled.