Protection films for all types of surfaces. SvsH offers a comprehensive range of self-adhesive films that protect products from smudging and scratching and improve their heat and stress resistance.

It is an excellent self-adhesive plastic film for the temporary protection of fragile Surface. We offer a surface protection film up to three meters in width and with different thickness.

Our protection film is suitable for surfaces such as aluminum, glass, stainless steel, wood prepainted metals, automotive protection, plastic sheets protection, carpets, laminates and similar.

Made with polyethylene and adhesives type rubber, acrylic and others, depending on the surface to be protected.

This protection film has a special adhesión system, so each type of protection film serves a specific application in order to not leave any kind of residue on any the surface.

This self-adhesive protection film is manufactured in transparent, blue, white and black with anti-UV to prevent sun rays from penetrating and damaging the surface, and it can also be done with personalized printing according to the client’s demand with minimum quantities.