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Security Bags – Coin Bags / Bank Bags

Our deposit bags and coin bags offer the safest way to transport cash. These cash and security bags or envelopes are produced with a high security adhesive (tamper evident).

The deposit bag, Coin bag and bank bag are made in high resistance polyethylene and VOID film that is tamper evident.

Sequentially stamped and bar coded, precut and delivery note slip, security handles and security welding.

This type of bag is normally used for cash transport, mainly by banks and cash-in-transit companies or firms that handle big cash quantities like retailers.

Product Description

Average thickness is 100 microns. Measures can be produced as customer orders. Color: clear, white or black. We can print bar codes, sequential numbers and any type of flexo printing.

This coin bank bags have approved by the most important global banks and many of the biggest cash-in-transit companies.

The customer will insert the bank notes, bills, coins or documents to be transported in the bag and close it. If someone will try to open it a message will appear showing the bag has been tampered. The only way to open these security and deposit bags without leaving tampering signs is to tear it completely.

These coin bags, bank bags and deposit bags can be produced in any measure, size, format or thickness, depending on the needs of every customer.